April Showers Bring Cupcakes and Lemonade! Hey Cupcake! and Austin City Lemons are Together Forever Plus the Arrival of Purple Rain and Our Spring Six Pack Posted on 03 Apr 12:15

We’re squeezed with excitement to announce that Austin City Lemons and Hey Cupcake! are now under one umbrella! All Austin City Lemons’ signature products (Cup of Happiness, sweet tea, fancy flavors) are officially available for purchase at all Hey Cupcake! locations.

Grant Sanregret

Austin City Lemons believes everybody deserves the opportunity to be happy every day. No matter the daily challenges you face, you should always take some time for yourself and just be happy. If we can be happy first, it’s contagious and we can bring happiness to everyone.

This attitude arose after owners Grant and Jennifer Sanregret’s son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which required physical therapy, multiple breathing treatments, and prescription drugs daily. Although CF doesn’t currently have a cure, Grant and Jen saw the way their son handled these challenges and how optimistic he still is today. Through the love and hopeful attitudes they experienced through the CF Foundation, they were inspired to create “Cups of Happiness” to show no matter the obstacle in life, your attitude will be the driving force in your every day success!

Click here to read more about Austin City Lemons’ story.

Wanna make your day a little happier? Come grab your Cup of Happiness (as seen in Food Network Magazine) directly at our lemon stand at our SoCo corner. Need to grab your pre-order? Swing by the Burnet bakery and swipe a sweet tea or make it an ice-cold slushie. You can also up the fancy factor by adding in magical mint, lavender love, blueberry bliss, or one of our weekly special ingredients. Catering orders with 5 gallon Buckets of Happiness and The Whole Package are available as well.

Purple Rain

April’s forecast? It’s raining cupcakes here at Hey Cupcake! With spring’s arrival, we’re looking forward to the return of our delicious Purple Rain cupcake. This tasty cake features a lemon cake topped with fluffy blueberry cream cheese frosting and topped with a fresh blueberry. We know you’re hopping like a bunny with excitement! Our seasonal cake will be available from April 1st until April 30th at all of our locations

In addition to Purple Rain sliding back onto the scene, we’ll have our buzz-worthy Spring Six Pack as well. With two Purple Rain, two Sweetberry, and two Vanilla Dream, this punch-of-flavor pack will certainly brighten up any cloudy April day. Each of our spots will have the Spring Six Pack until April 30th for $24. Spring Six Pack

Thanks for Vanilla Dreaming with us on March 25th, and we hope all the winners enjoyed their complimentary cupcakes! To continue thanking you, our spectacular fans, for your decade of support, every 10th paying customer on Sunday, April 16th will receive a complimentary Easter-themed Vanilla Dream! These Vanilla Dreams will feature a fun and festive egg topper plus white chocolate grass.

Starting today, we’re also looking to celebrate smiles! Got a cupcake-frosted smile that made you LOL? Want to share a snap of your pearly whites next to your favorite Hey Cupcake! treat? Reach out with a choice cupcake photo by sending an email to mrspriggy@heycupcake.com, tag us or send us a message on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram. We look forward to seeing your cupcake-covered choppers!

Easter Vanilla Dream

Don’t forget…we’ll be celebrating our loyal fans for our 10th anniversary throughout 2017! Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages plus this blog to hear about each and every way we’re saying, “thank you,” to you, our super awesome cupcake lovers!

April Holidays We’re Celebrating:

  • Easter (4/16)

Thanks to your support since 2007, Hey Cupcake! is bringing Mr. Spriggy and the Cupcake Crew to a neighborhood near you to spread the cupcake love. Each of our luscious cakes will be available at all franchise locations so get ready to get your face dirty with fluffy frosting and delectable cake!

If you’d like to become part of the Hey Cupcake! family or are interested in more information on franchising, please contact Misti Thomas via email misti@heycupcake.com or call direct at 713-560-7820.

Thank you, Hey Cupcake! fans, for helping us reach 10 years!


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In Sweetness,

Mandy Ellis

Mandy Ellis is an Austin-based freelance food, travel, and health writer who dives with delight into boxes of Double Doses. You can find her at www.mandyellis.com.